• TransSafe - cultural competence program for businesses, schools, municipalities, etc.

  • Gender Advocacy Academy in partnership with ACLU TX


  • Serving transgender students in the classroom

  • working to expand ordinances around the state to include protections of gender identity and expression

  • In partnership with statewide equality coalition for legislative sessions 

  • Host in partnership All in for Advocacy Day

  • Host Trans Lobby Day 


  • Supporting individuals and groups "on the ground" to tell their stories as individuals that will change hearts and minds through authenticity


Gender Infinity Resource Locator

Gender Infinity provides this resource of information for the benefit of the entire TGNC community. Their list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Gender Infinity or TENT. 

Find information based on your address/city

Chose services based on:

  •  Educational Resources 

  • Healthcare 

  • Legal Services 

  • Child/youth 

  • Personal Care

  • Social Support

  • Surgery 

  • Mental Health 

  • Spiritual Wellness

Submit a Transgender Affirmative Place:

Gender Infinity is a transgender affirmative community that brings together helpful resources and makes our world a better, safer place. Help by submitting to their database locations that serve the TGNC communities needs. 


TENT offers cultural competency seminars, workshops, and presentations for agencies, organizations, municipalities, schools, businesses, and any other body of people willing to learn.

Our cultural competency educators are professional, well trained, and experienced in delivering high quality content to audiences that focus on:

  • Gender as a shared characteristic

  • The influence of privilege in regards to gender expression and identity

  • How to create safe spaces for the TGNC community in the setting you're in

  • Best practices for working with co-workers and clients that identify as TGNC


Resources for Texas Trans Youth

You can find resources on the site on subjects like: GSA, Dress Code, Access to Facilities, Bullying and Harassment, and a resource for families and trans kids to connect with one another. 

Bullying & Harassment

Access to Facilities

All students deserve to go to school in an environment that is safe and respectful, and schools have an obligation to protect students from bullying and gender-based harassment. Unfortunately, many transgender youth feel unprotected: according to a recent national GLSEN study, 75% of transgender youth feel unsafe at school. These students had significantly lower GPAs, were more likely to miss school due to concerns of their safety, and were less likely to plan on continuing their education. Reporting bullying and harassment to a friendly teacher, counselor, or administrator is important.

All students deserve to attend a school in a safe environment that allows them to have a fair chance to succeed and prepare for their future. Forcing transgender and gender non-conforming students into restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities that do not match their gender identity puts their safety at risk and increases the likelihood they experience harassment. And, forcing transgender and gender non-conforming students to use different facilities than their peers stigmatizes them as different and increases the risk of bullying from other students.


Gender and Sexuality Alliances, sometimes referred to as Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs), are school-based groups that provide visibility, safety, and social support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) students and their allies. GSAs help students connect with peers and establish a strong community. That community can help support students and keep them safe in the face of harassment, as well as advocate for a strong and supportive school climate. There are more than 4,000 GSAs in schools nationwide.

In partnership with: TENT, ACLU TX and Lambda Legal

Name& Gender Marker Clinics:


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