TENT is an organization dedicated to furthering gender diverse equality in Texas. We work to accomplish this through education and networking in both public and private forums. Through our efforts we strive to halt discrimination through social, legislative, and corporate education. 

    Here at TENT we are ashamed that the state of Texas fails to give equality to our transgender siblings. We are tired of seeing anti-trans and ant-LGBTQ rhetoric spring up legislative session after session and want to see our state legislature stop wasting our time and money on discrimination. With this postcard initiate we are urging Texans to call on their legislators to not only vote against any and all anti-LGBTQ legislation, but vote for proactive policy that recognizes the humanity and equality of transgender Texans. As a state we should know by now anti-trans legislation is a no-win issue. It hurts our neighbors, friends, and family, as well as damage and tarnishes our state’s name and reputation.