Executive Director

Emmett Schelling

Emmett Schelling is currently the Executive Director for the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT). He also served as the president of the San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA) from 2016-2017.

During college he studied business management and marketing, and at one point did an internship as an associate youth pastor and ministry outreach fellow. He transitioned from management in the private sector to non profit work, where he applies many of the same skills. He’s been featured in numerous media outlets throughout Texas, and nationally and worldwide, including Newsweek, Refinery29, The Hill, Slate, and HuffPost. He is often invited to speak with political leaders and their staff, medical professionals, legal professionals, social workers, college students, parents, as well as trans identified students surrounding many different issues that are TGNC specific or intersect with the TGNC community.


Policy and Field Coordinator

Andrea Nicolette Segovia

"Being a proud bisexual Latinx woman is something I hold near to my heart. I put those identities in every part of my work in our community. To help some of the most marginalized communities use their voice and see the importance of their individual power is something I can say with pride that I do each and every day. I am a native Texan and while this state and the leaders of it might not share my same beliefs I love and cherish so many of the people I get to work alongside with."