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TENT is available statewide and in your local region to mentor you with name and gender changes as you might be more interested in pursuing those than you have in the past.  Here is a helpful document from NCTE that you should familiarize yourself with before contacting us: http://www.transequality.org/documents/state/texas
Reach us at [email protected].  Please, when contacting us, let us know where in Texas you live.

Dr. Colt Keo-Meir’s SB6 Testimony

The Transgender Education Network of Texas is collecting the testimonies of Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex people and their allies and documenting them for everyone to read.  Read their stories, words and messages here:



Texas SB 6, our very own bathroom bill, has been assigned to the State Affairs committee. That committee is made of the following senators:

Joan Huffman, D-17 – chair
Bryan Hughes, D-1 – vice-chair
Brian Birdwell, D-22
Brandon Creighton, D-4
Craig Estes, D-30
Eddie Lucio, D-27
Jane Nelson, D-12
Charles Schwertner, D-5
Judith Zaffirini, D-21

Now is the time to start ringing their phones off the hook about our concern for the statewide impact this piece of legislation would have.

I have the following statement as a starting point for forming your own script. Remember succinct is best as you’ll likely be leaving a message with a staffer. Also remember to emphasize that you are contacting these specific senators due to their position of authority on the committee being tasked with considering the bill.

“Seventy percent of North Carolinians believe the similar “Bathroom Bill” passed in their state has had a negative impact on the state’s reputation nationally. Businesses withdrew plans to expand in NC cities costing much needed potential jobs from the region. A recent study from the Texas Association of Business estimates the impact between $964 million and $8.5 billion and more than 100,000 jobs. This analysis should not be dismissed based on the attempts of the state to woo technology companies to the state, which are known to be politically active.

Additionally, it reinforces the trans community as a target for hate and violence, which is already a scary reality for these members of our communities.

The “Texas Privacy Act” may have arisen out of concern for public safety, but it is misguided, dangerous legislation that needs to be rejected.”

Click here for contact information for members of the committee





Austin TDOR

Austin City Hall Plaza
Cesar Chavez St. between Lavaca and Guadalupe
Monday 11/20 7:30 pm


How many Transgender / Non-Binary / Intersex people are there in Texas?

For the purposes of these numbers, Transgender and non-binary people are grouped together under the Transgender Umbrella term because that is currently how the statistical organizations do it.

27.9 million – population of Texas. U.S. Census .6% Transgender – The Williams Institute at UCLA based on CDC Data
1.7% Intersex –  Organization of the Intersex International

641,700 people intentionally affected by SB6.  This does not include cis-women who choose not to present associated with gender stereotypes and so get caught up in the fervor to decide who belongs in what rest room.

Further broken down, its 167,400 Transgender and 474,300 Intersex.


Our Work

The Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) is an organization dedicated to furthering the gender diverse equity in the State of Texas. We work to accomplish this through education and networking in both public and private forums. Through our efforts we strive to halt discrimination through social, legal, legislative and corporate education.

Transgender Education Network of Texas is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Some of the things we do:

The three tiers of what we do:

  1. Education
  2. Advocacy
  3. Empowerment


Cultural Competence:

Transgender Education Network of Texas offers cultural competency seminars, workshops and presentations for agencies, organizations, businesses, faith organizations, and anyone interested in better serving gender diverse clients through a client centered model. Our cultural competency educators are professional, well trained, and experienced in delivering high quality content to audiences that focuses on the following concepts:

  • Gender as a shared characteristic
  • Gender Enforcement
  • The influence of privilege in regard to gender expression and identity
  • Examination of Intersecting Identities
  • Self Examination of our own gender uniqueness
  • Best practices for working with clients as informed by the work of stellar transgender advocacy/educational organizations.

CEU courses are offered on a request and rolling basis.


Transgender Education Network of Texas offers advisory services in the following:

  • Serving Transgender Students in the Classroom
  • One on One mentorship of trans* persons as they deal with societal hurdles and look for safe space
  • On the job workplace transitions
  • Providing the best quality of health care to clients


Transgender Education Network of Texas reaches out to like minded organizations and individuals to foster awareness of Transgender issues. We help local leaders to create a network of trans folk and allies in their municipalities for support and education. Outreach is absolutely critical to the enhancement of understanding within and without the LGBT community.


Transgender Education Network of Texas works at the State Capitol to promote policies that treat Gender Diverse Texans with Equality. We work with other local organizations to expand Human Rights Ordinances around the State to include language covering Gender Identity and Expression. We also partner with Equality Texas, allgo and other statewide organizations to achieve equality, acceptance and understanding for all LGBT Texans throughout the State.
Legislative Caucus/Lobby Day

Transgender Education Network of Texas works each Texas legislative session to bring together activists and allies from across the state to brainstorm change needed on the state policy level and to visit with elected representatives in educational settings to best position and activate lasting gender equity.



Working with youth organizations throughout the State of Texas, Transgender Education Network of Texas helps younger people gain more self acceptance. Working with schools and colleges, we help administrators and teachers to better deal with those who are struggling with their gender identity as well as their peers.

Real Change happens locally:

Transgender Education Network of Texas seeks to engage and support organizations and individuals “on the ground” around the state to do two main things.

  1. Tell our stories, as individuals
  2. Change hearts and minds through authentic partnership and sharing.
If you would like us to partner with you or come be a part of the work you are already doing, please email us at [email protected]

Statewide Resources

Name and Gender Marker Change

Changing your legal name and gender marker in Texas is not technically complicated but it is a minefield to navigate.  This is the best resource we are aware of to help you navigate that minefield.


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Board of Directors

Lisa Scheps
Interim Executive Director
Samantha "Sam" Almeida
Upper North Texas Region Co-Coordinator
Wyatt Almedia
Upper North Texas Region Co-Coordinator
Capital Region Coordinator
Katrina Dawn Stewart
Central Texas Region Coordinator - College Station, TX
Mo Cortez
Gulf Coast (HOUSTON) Region Coordinator
Sandra Dunn
Amarillo, TX

Advisory Board

Lauryn Farris
San Antonio, TX
Dr. Oliver Blumer
Paula Buls
Austin, TX
Carmarion D. Anderson
Austin, TX
Brandon Beck

Resource Suggestions

We frequently refer people to resources and services.  If you have a resource you think would be valuable for us to know about, send us a message!

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