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Response to DOJ action on HB2

In light of the recent ruling from the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education concerning civil rights protection for transgender students, the misunderstanding of many people concerning transgender individuals, and the fear being aroused by public statements which fuel misunderstanding into fear and denial of the basic civil rights to the transgender community and students in particular, the Transgender Education Network of Texas would like to go on record concerning these issues.

We applaud the Department of Justice and the Department of Education for responding to the superintendents, principals, and school boards seeking guidance regarding Title IX.

We feel that the fear filled rhetoric of many who know very little about the transgender individual has led to great misunderstanding of those who are transgender. For a state government elected official to state that transgender students are not bullied and then to suggest that providing civil rights to transgender students will cause “straight” students to be bullied shows that he has no idea about the fear and bullying of transgender students that occurs, and, in calling other students “straight,” he does not know that gender identity and expression have nothing to do with sexuality. (It also completely disregards gay and lesbian students.)

Most of these fear tactics concern the use of restrooms – the fear that a male sex predator will call himself transgender in order to enter the women’s restroom to prey on females. There are already sections of the Texas Penal Code designed to punish that man and all sex predators who would do this. These sections are not affected by these guidelines.

During this time of increasing civil rights, the Transgender Education Network of Texas stands ready with trained and experienced experts to assist schools, organizations, places of worship, businesses, and communities throughout Texas with an educated understanding of the transgender individual. If you would like to learn the truth about the transgender community, please contact us. If you would like to donate to help us with our expenses in this work, please mail a check or money order to the address below or visit us on Razoo or Amazon Smile.

Thank you for supporting the transgender community. Please share this letter with news outlets in your area and with schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations that you think need to hear about the Transgender Education Network of Texas position and possibilities for support.


Brandon L. Beck

Chair, Transgender Education Network of Texas

[email protected]



102 Wonder World Dr. #304-174
San Marcos, TX 78666