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Dr Beck on the Trans-student ruling 8/22/16

photo of Brandon Beck
Brandon Beck

As I continue to reflect on the offensive ruling today in Texas related to trans students and think about What Transgender Education Network of Texas can do to work for peace and justice, I’ve been overjoyed to share in conversations of hope with old and new friends. However, it is sad to me that one of the plaintiffs in the case is one of my high school teachers, David Thweatt, and he says he doesn’t believe trans people exist. I have written to him and told him my story, but he hasn’t responded. To him, I no longer exist. But I will continue to educate and share my story, and I appreciate all my allies who are on this journey with me. To think, in high school, I looked up to Mr Thweatt, and was guided by his words and now he and I are locked in opposition over my very existence. Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Texas Office of the Governor Greg Abbott #supporttransyouth #iamtrans #titleix